Monday, July 27, 2009


In the UK several local authority child protection agencies (above) missed chances to stop child abuse and passed up key opportunities to intervene in the case of a 16-month-old girl physically abused and finally murdered by her violent father, an inquiry report said yesterday. It said social workers, schools and health visitors failed to follow basic safeguarding procedures in the case of Amy Howson, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, who died when her spine was snapped by her father. She had been punched and slapped on numerous occasions and left with fractures to her arms, legs and ribs. A separate serious case review was also published today into the death of another Doncaster youngster, 3-month-old Alfie Goddard, who died after being shaken and thrown to the floor by his father. It concludes that agencies failed to recognise important signs that Alfie was at risk, or co-ordinate effective involvement with his family.

Now there have been a number of well publicised examples of this kind of sickening child cruelty across the UK recently. And for certain, there are some protection agencies who are so understaffed, or so incompetent, or so hidebound with political correctness that they fail regularly and with tragic consequences. They seem to be more concerned to ensure that parents are non-smokers and support gay rights rather than checking to see whether they’re beating up their kids. But to put the blame for this rash of child abuse on them solely would be very wrong. The fact is, there wouldn’t be child abuse if the abusers didn’t do it. There are too many family break-ups, too many rootless single males, too many young single women with kids by multiple fathers, too much ignorance, too much drug taking, too much irresponsibility and too much indulgence of violent layabouts and their “rights”. As the proportion of these worthless sink-estate unemployables increases within the population as a whole, we as a nation will eventually have to ask ourselves whether such oxygen-wasting creeps with a propensity to hurt, maim and even kill defenceless children can continue to be allowed to breed, not least because each of their succeeding generations will produce more problems, more dysfunctional family units, more violence, more misery. And that’s not fascism, or selective breeding, or social engineering, or any of the other accusations that left-wing, hand-wringing apologists for these cruel, neandrathal abusers hurl when their clients “rights” are challenged. It’s common sense.


Increasingly desperate and beleaguered UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown (pictured above) last night brushed aside any suggestions that he might “walk away” before the next general election. The PM delivered a strong rebuff to his critics, saying that his “mission” is to get the country through the recession and return it to strong growth thereafter. “I have got a job to do,” he said. “One that every day I address with new enthusiasm.” The way things are going under his economic stewardship, pretty soon he may be the only one with a job. He went on : ”I am fighting for growth and jobs, better public services, a strong economy and society. I have got that work to do and it is ongoing.” So Gordon’s still prattling on about his “mission” and very enthusiastic. They do say that candles burn brightest just before they go out – however, they don’t usually spout delusional nonsense at the same time.


The alleged “President” of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (pictured above) has responded to US President Barack Obama’s recent remarks that he was “appalled and outraged” by post-election violence. Ahmadinejad ranted : “Mr Obama made a mistake to say those things - our question is why he fell into this trap and said things that previously George Bush used to say ?” Yes well, Mahmoud, we might ask you why you’ve fallen into the trap and are now doing things that the Shah used to do. Ahmadinejad, who “won the election by a landslide” (yeah, sure) according to official results, told an audience in the port town of Assaluyeh: “Do you, Obama, want to speak to Iran with this tone? If that is your stance then what is left to talk about? I hope you avoid interfering in Iran’s affairs and express your regret in a way that the Iranian nation is informed of it.” It really is high time somebody put this tiresome little delusional ersatz-Nazi runt in his place. I suppose if the West doesn’t do it, presumably sooner or later the Israeli Air Force will.


And more cheering news on the foreign front. Yesterday the North Korean military (pictured above) threatened to retaliate with a nuclear “fire shower” if it is attacked by the US and warned it would expand its nuclear arsenal, a month after it carried out a controlled nuclear explosion in defiance of the UN security council. The regime used the 59th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean war to step up its threats against the US, whose navy is tracking a North Korean vessel off the Chinese coast that is suspected of carrying weapons. Earlier this month the UN banned all weapons exports from North Korea in response to the May 25 nuclear test, its second in three years. This latest belicose warning came as speculation mounted that Pyongyang is preparing to test launch short and medium range missiles. What’s the strike range of the Israeli Air Force ?


The Mayor of London, Mr Boris Johnson (pictured above) is well known for his cycling trips around the capital – but he’s at the centre of a budget row over more than £4,500 of public money spent on taxis. One bill alone was £237, in figures released yesterday to the London Assembly. The costs were revealed just a day after it emerged that Boris had signed off some of the expenses of deputy mayor Ian Clement, who resigned after paying off personal bills on a corporate credit card. The total taxi bill was £4,698, which included 13 receipts for fares over £100. The mayor’s total personal expenses were £8,169. The £237 bill was for a 7.5 mile journey from his former home in Islington to Edmonton – which works out at a rate of £31 per mile. Another claim of £99.50 for a return journey from City Hall to Elephant and Castle, less than 1.5 miles away – at £33 a mile. City Hall sources have said most of the higher bills stemmed from waiting time costs. Never. Which all goes to show that politicians, whatever their party, are on a different planet from the rest of us.


And to prove the point, that epitiome of banal incompetence, even by the inept standards of New Labour, former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith (pictured above) acknowledged yesterday that she felt humiliated by her husband’s public apology for charging 2 pay-per-view adult films (can you blame him ?) to the taxpayer via her expenses claims. The former ineffective cabinet minister said it was “horrible” and blamed the subsequent pressure on her family as among her reasons for quitting the Government earlier this month. In an interview she also complained that women in power were treated differently to men. Bollocks. She went because not only was she useless at her job – she was caught red-handed fiddling and had to go. The only pity is that more of her cabinet colleagues haven’t yet followed her out of the door, to assist the Fraud Squad with their enquiries - but they will.


Finally, American pop music performer Michael Jackson (pictured above) reportedly died of a heart attack in a Los Angeles hospital yesterday, just weeks before he hoped to revive his 4-decade long career with a series of sold-out shows in London. Jackson was taken to the University of California at Los Angeles medical centre, and paramedics administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the ambulance. He arrived at the hospital in a coma and was reported dead about 3 hours later. Uri Gellar, a close friend of the star, told reporters: “I’m devastated – it’s very, very sad. I’m still trying to hold on to the glimmer that it’s not true.” Naff statement for a friend Uri – the Big D is a damn sight more serious than bending forks.