Monday, July 27, 2009


In the UK failed asylum seekers (above) are not entitled to free treatment on the National Health Service (NHS), 3 judges at the Court of Appeal in London ruled yesterday. But hospitals can make up their own minds on whether to treat them if they have no money, said the judges. They were dealing with a test case which will affect “a large number” (a.k.a. the million or so illegals who are in Britain that the government denies are actually here) of people seeking medical help for serious illnesses. Lord Justice Ward said: “Because most of those who suffer are invariably penniless and destitute and quite unable to pay for the treatment they need, their predicament has become a cause of widespread concern.” He went on : “Failed asylum seekers ought not to be here. They should never have come here in the first place and after their claims have finally been dismissed they are only here until arrangements can be made to secure their return.” And during that time, they should relax, because they will be treated exactly the same as those of us who are ordinarily resident – we don’t normally get any treatment from the NHS either !


Looking more like an ageing rock star than ever, Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi (pictured above) has managed to renew hostilities with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah by loudly criticising him for his links with the West. Gaddafi disrupted the opening Arab League session in Qatar yesterday by taking a microphone and criticizing the Saudi king, calling him a “British product and American ally.” Gadhafi has harboured a grudge against Abdullah since exchanging harsh words during a summit in early 2003 shortly before the US-led invasion of Iraq. An alternative explanation of course might be that Gaddafi got there, listened for 20 minutes or so and decided tha Arab League was as boring as it gets – so he stormed out, blaming Abdullah. And who could blame him ? But look on the bright side Colonel – at least you’re not in London listening to Gordon droning on.