Saturday, August 22, 2009

Asians, South Korea, Seoul, the world's longest working hours in Cairo after 2312 hours of work an annual average ‧

(Seoul, South Korea ‧) a survey, the capital, Seoul, South Korea's long working hours, in the world ranking second among city dwellers.

South Korean media quoted the Swiss bank (UBS) Group has recently done a survey revealed that in 73 major cities, Seoul's average annual working hours is 2312 hours, 2373 hours after the Cairo who ranks first in the world 2.


In contrast, the average annual working hours for at least the city is in Lyon, France, and an annual average of 1582 hours of work only.

According to the survey of 73 cities in the overall average annual working hours for 1902 hours.Among them, the Asians the longest annual working hours to 2119 hours, in Africans, followed by 2087 hours; North America who work an average of 1890 hours, 1950 hours less than people of South America; As Western Europeans work an average of only 1745 hours, is the world's working hours in areas at least

Shandong Province of China the prevalence of early marriages ‧ ‧ 13-year-old marriage to 30-year-old when the grandparents

(China ‧ Beijing) China's "Marriage" provides a minimum 22-year-old men and women 20 years of age may marry, but Linqing Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, has found that 13,14-year-old sons and daughters of parents, they arrange for them to engagement, and even babies female infertility.

Some secondary school girls to leave home not only breast-feeding, parents and grandparents when the 30-year-old, 40-year-old grandparents when widespread.


Linqing City is not a lot of childish婚纱店show boys and girls in addition to the wedding; banquets in the village, wearing a dress the boys learn to adults toast to the guests. A secondary school teacher in town, said efforts to discourage early marriage, even if all can not prevent.The vast majority of teenagers will take place in three to get married, have a high school, two of their children, such as chip.

Birth to a child only help the cause of

16-year-old girl to marry Xiaoqing said: "We are here to help the child before birth to the cause, unlike city people like to have a career before marriage!"

Criticism of local teachers, the practice has affected juvenile growth, the local government seems to turn a blind eye, not to educate the public too early in advance of marriage, fertility problems caused after the civil, family planning department has been fine.