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美总统顾问:今年秋冬季半个美国料染甲流 US-Adviser to the President: This year, autumn and winter half of the United States is expected dye A flow

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(华盛顿25日综合电) 美国总统科学和技术顾问委员会周一报告称,今年秋冬季,美国一半人口可能会感染甲型流感病毒,最多可能导致9万人死亡。 (Washington 25, Reuters) U.S. President on Science and Technology Advisory Board Monday reported that this year, autumn and winter, the U.S. half of the population may be infected with influenza A virus, could lead to a maximum of 90000 people were killed.

美国总统科学和技术顾问委员会在报告中说,尽管联邦政府今年后半年的流感预防工作组织良好,其反应迄今是值得称道的,但美国仍然面临着今年秋冬可能卷土重来的甲型流感病毒的严重威胁。 United States President on Science and Technology Advisory Committee in its report said that despite the federal government later this year of flu prevention and well-organized, its response so far is commendable, but the U.S. still faced with a comeback this fall season, influenza A virus may be a serious threat to .

报告预测,在今年秋冬两季,约30%到50%的美国人可能感染甲型流感;最多将有30万被感染者可能在医院的重症特别护理部门接受治疗,可用床位将被占用50%到100%;3万人到9万人可能因此死亡,其中相当一部分将是儿童和青少年。 The report predicts that, in the autumn and winter of this year, about 30% to 50% of Americans may be infected with influenza A; maximum of 30 million people were infected person may be in the hospital intensive care units for treatment, available beds will be occupied 50% of to 100%; 3 million to 9 million people may have died, of which a considerable portion will be children and adolescents.

专家们预计,甲型流感病毒的感染高峰期可能会出现在今年10月中旬。 Experts estimate that influenza A virus infection peak may appear in mid-October of this year. 不过,该报告强调,尽管世界正面临着甲型流感病毒的严重威胁,不过,从目前来看,不会出现类似1918年至1919年那样横扫世界的流感大流行,那次大流行导致美国死了50万人、全世界死了2000多万人。 However, the report emphasizes that while the world is facing a serious threat of influenza A viruses, but for now, do not appear similar to the 1918 to 1919 as an influenza pandemic swept the world, that led the United States die of a pandemic 50 million people worldwide died more than 2000 million people.

该顾问委员会建议,美国政府需要加紧准备流感疫苗,发放给易感染人群,同时还需要升级现有的疫情监测系统等等,为病毒在未来几个月再次爆发做好准备。 The Advisory Committee recommended that the U.S. government needs to step up preparations for influenza vaccine, given to vulnerable groups, but also need to upgrade the existing surveillance systems, etc., for the resurgence of the virus in the coming months to prepare.

总统科学和技术顾问委员会是一个向总统提供科学和技术方面的决策建议的白宫顾问组织。 President of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee to the President is a scientific and technical aspects of the policy recommendations of the White House advisory organization. 今年夏季早些时候,奥巴马曾要求该委员会评估2009年甲型流感病毒疫情和联邦政府的反应。 Earlier this summer, Obama had asked the Committee to assess influenza A virus outbreak in 2009 and the federal response.

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