Sunday, August 30, 2009

Singapore ‧ was Sassy Girl streets shoes ‧ cowardly men who spent body was actually a company director

  • 野蠻女友不給面子,當眾脫下高跟鞋猛砸男友下體。 Sassy Girl do not give face, high-heeled shoes Mengza her boyfriend off in public lower body.

(新加坡)被野蠻友當街用高跟鞋猛砸下體的子,原來是一間房地產公司的董事! (Singapore) is Sassy Girl streets with high heels Mengza lower body of the man was originally a real estate director of a company!

早前報導,一名20多歲女郎,在停車場當眾用高跟鞋猛砸男友下體,還以鞋跟摑男友的臉,甚至用手捏男友下體。 Earlier reported that a 20-year-old girl with high heels in the parking lot in public with her boyfriend Mengza lower body, but also to fight heel slapping her boyfriend's face, and even her boyfriend Yong Shounie lower body. 整個過程被人拍下影像上載到網站,引起網友熱烈討論。 The whole process was photographed images uploaded to websites, has fueled heated debate.


這對情侶的友人撥打《晚報》熱線爆料,透露這名被網友狠批的男友,原來是一家國際知名房地產經紀公司的新加坡辦事處董事。 The couple's friends call the "Evening News" hotline broke the news to reveal the name has been severely criticized User's boyfriend, was originally an internationally recognized real estate brokerage company's Singapore office director.

友人說,由於他的業績出色,幾乎每年都登上10大經紀排行榜,因此擢升得很快,才41歲就任職部門董事,管理100多名房地產經紀。 Friends said, because of his performance is excellent, almost every year to board 10 major brokers list, so promoted rapidly until the age of 41, working department directors, more than 100 real estate brokers.

人長得帥很有女人緣 A woman who is very cool-looking edge

“他是公司的風雲人物,人長得帥。 "He is a man of the company, people cool-looking.

他開名車,住公寓,很有女人緣。 He opened luxury car, live in an apartment, a woman very edge. "

友人表示,男子離過婚,育有一名女兒,和影像中的“野蠻女友”交往了兩年。 Friends said the man was divorced, mother of a daughter, and images in "Sassy Girl" engagement for two years.

友人透露,野蠻女友與男友年級相差20歲,曾在同一間房地產公司工作。 Friends said Sassy Girl with the difference between the 20-year-old boyfriend had been in the same real estate company.

“野蠻女友目前約21歲,兩年前在男友的房地產公司擔任柜台服務員,但由於愛穿低胸裝,打扮過於性感,人事部屢勸不聽,結果她沒有通過試用期就離開公司了。” "Sassy Girl is now about 21-year-old boyfriend's real estate company two years ago as a teller, but because of wearing low-cut fitted, dressed too sexy, the Ministry of Personnel despite repeated warnings not to listen, and she did not pass the probation period to leave a corporation. "

“她好像考獲N水準文憑,據瞭解,她離開公司後就一直靠男友過活,兩人在一起應該已有兩年了。” "She seems to have obtained N standard diploma, it is understood to leave the company after she had been living by her boyfriend, the two should be together for two years."

男子同事議論紛紛 Men's colleagues talking about

當眾被打的影像上網後,男子的同事議論紛紛,他則躲避媒體。 Internet access in public images of beaten, the man colleagues talking about, he would avoid the media.

記者週六(8月29日)到男子任職的房地產公司詢問,一名同事表示他沒有上班,也不清楚他幾時會進辦公室。 Reporter Saturday (August 29) to the real estate company serving man asked a colleague, said he did not work, it is not clear when will he be arriving at the office.

記者也嘗試聯絡男子,但他的手機不是關機就是沒人接聽,記者傳短訊給他也沒有收到回復。 Journalists have tried to contact the man, but is not turned off his cell phone is no answer to listen to, press SMS to pass he has received no response.