Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fingers appeared long airport ‧ closely Andy Lau, Michelle Yeoh Dying

  • 華仔的助理發現有攝影記者拍照後,連忙走到華仔與朱麗倩中間,意圖掩人耳目。华 仔photographer's assistant found by taking pictures, and Michelle Yeoh华仔quickly walked the middle of the intention of deceive the public. (圖:星洲日報) (Photo: Sin Chew Daily)

  • 閃躲多天的劉德華與朱麗倩週一(8月24日)下午5時以“夫妻”姿態十指緊扣一同現身吉隆坡國際機場,被大馬媒體拍個正著! Dodging several days of Andy Lau and Michelle Yeoh Monday (August 24) at 5 pm with "marriage" stance fingers appeared closely with Kuala Lumpur International Airport, was shot in the positive with the Malaysian media! 這是劉朱二人自今年2月被香港週刊拍到身處同一餐廳的與朱家人茶敘後,再度在媒體鏡頭下“現形”。 It is Zhu Liu duo in February this year by the Hong Kong magazine photographed living in the same restaurant with the Chu family, tea later, again in the media lens, "Dying." 這次二人光明正大,十指緊扣現身吉隆坡國際機場,可說是兩人傳緋聞20多年來的首張“世紀合照”。 The two open and aboveboard, fingers appeared closely linked to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, can be said that the two mass sex scandal 20 years of debut "Century photo." 不過,戴上面罩的華仔與朱麗倩對媒體的提問均充耳不聞,快步走進機場貴賓廳。 However, wearing masks, and Michelle Yeoh华仔questions of the media turned a deaf ear, strides into the airport lounge. 至於傳聞中兩人的女兒卻未見蹤影。 As for the rumors but no trace of the two daughters. (圖:星洲日報) (Photo: Sin Chew Daily)

  • 當了劉德華“背後的女人”24年的朱麗倩,這回終於走在華仔的前頭了! Andy Lau became a "behind the woman" 24 years of Michelle Yeoh, this time finally walk in the front of the华仔! (圖:星洲日報) (Photo: Sin Chew Daily)