Saturday, August 22, 2009

Taiwan: Taoyuan Village, fear of the extinction of three

  • Cishan Township in Kaohsiung County, there are still people missing, was arranged temporary shelters in schools of the victims, hanging out the help of cloth, called on the authorities to rescue their loved ones as soon as possible.(Photo: AFP)

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(Taiwan) in Kaohsiung County is the largest number of hurricane deaths areas, Kaohsiung County Magistrate Yang Xing Thursday (August 13) confirmed that Chiahsien Kobayashi rural village of more than 300 villagers were buried alive. Administration announced that as of Thursday evening, the typhoon death toll had risen to 116.

Taoyuan Township, and there are at least five villages 900 villagers have lost contact with six days, Taoyuan Township, on behalf of the Secretary of white kind of said: "The Meishan, Merlin, 3 Village Renaissance Village may have to eliminate." Kaohsiung County Disaster Response Center is ready to 1,100 body bags in batches to the disaster area.