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China: Guangdong killer mad dog attack
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早前陝西漢中當局為阻止瘋狗症疫情擴大,組織滅狗隊伍,對未拴養、圈養的犬只、野犬、流浪犬和進入學校、醫院、市場、機關、市區廣場及旅遊景點的犬只進行捕殺,引來網民抗議。 Hanzhong, Shaanxi earlier rabies authorities to prevent the spread of the disease, kill dogs in the ranks of the organization, not tied to the cultivation, in captivity dogs, wild dogs, stray dogs and access to schools, hospitals, markets, institutions, urban plazas and tourist attractions of the dogs to hunting, attracting Internet users to protest. (圖:中新社) (Figure: China news agency)

(中國)廣東近年瘋狗症肆虐,全省今年首7個月共有173人因瘋狗症死亡,去年全年則有319人死亡,而在1996年,全省瘋狗症死亡病例僅有12人,為2008年的3.76%。 (China) in recent years, rabies outbreak in Guangdong province in the first 7 months of this year there were 173 deaths due to rabies last year there were 319 deaths, while in 1996, rabies deaths in the province of only 12 people, in order to in 2008 to 3.76%. 而農村是瘋狗症重災區,不少農民因瘋狗症疫苗昂貴而耽誤醫治死亡。 Rabies in rural areas are hardest hit, and many farmers have rabies vaccine is expensive and delayed treatment died. 中山大學流行病學教授陸家海早前指出,廣東瘋狗症已處於新的高峰期。 Sun Yat-sen, professor of epidemiology Jia-Hai Lu pointed out earlier that rabies has been in Guangdong, a new peak.

在廣東所有法定報告傳染病中,瘋狗症已超過艾滋病和肺結核,居 All statutory reporting of infectious diseases in Guangdong, the human rabies has been more than AIDS and tuberculosis, ranking

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死亡率高‧被狗咬須即打針 High mortality ‧ been bitten by dogs, either an injection

瘋狗症是由瘋狗症病毒引起的急性中樞神經系統的傳染病。 Rabies is a rabies virus-induced acute central nervous system infectious diseases. 人的瘋狗症絕大多數是由帶病毒的動物咬傷或抓傷而感染發病。 The vast majority of human rabies with the virus by the bite or scratch of an infected animal disease.

被狗或病獸咬傷或抓傷後,應馬上清洗傷口並注射人用疫苗是遏制瘋狗病發作的“最後防線”。 Dogs or sick animals have been bitten or scratched, they should immediately wash the wound and the injection of human vaccines to curb the onset of mad dog disease "last line of defense." 按現時的治療方法,除了注射疫苗,傷者還需注射瘋狗症血清或瘋狗病人免疫球蛋白,才能降低發病機會。 According to the current treatment methods, in addition to vaccination, the injured and needed injection of rabies immune globulin serum or mad patients, in order to reduce the incidence.

人類瘋狗症一般潛伏期約10天。 Human rabies incubation period is usually about 10 days. 病發時前期表現為發燒、頭病、惡心,傷口麻木、痕癢等。 Disease early, when expressed as fever, headache, nausea, wound numbness, itching and so on. 隨後進入興奮期,患者會極度恐懼,怕水、怕風、怕光,心率加快、大汗淋漓,大量流口水,喉頭肌肉痙攣等,像狗一樣呻吟及亂拍打。 And then entered an exciting period, the patient will put great fear, afraid of the water, afraid of wind, sensitive to light, rapid heart rate, sweating, a large number of drooling, throat muscle spasms and so on, like a dog moaning and irregular beating. 癱瘓期內則會停止痙攣,全身癱軟,最終因呼吸肌麻痹,循環衰竭而死亡。 Paralysis will be stopped during the period cramps, body limp, eventually died of respiratory muscle paralysis, circulatory failure and death. 整個過程約在一週左右,由於尚無特效藥治療,死亡率極高。 The whole process about a week or so, because there is no specific drug treatment, mortality is very high.