Saturday, August 29, 2009


An Iranian MP claimed yesterday that there is proof that some reformists were sexually abused in prison after the disputed presidential election in June. “Raping of some detainees through baton and soda bottle has been proved to us,” the unnamed member of the investigative committee was quoted as saying. His comments are the first official acknowledgment that prisoners were violated. Until now, Iran’s leaders had dismissed such opposition claims as mischief-making. But in response yesterday, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (pictured above), rebuked opposition leaders for calling attention to alleged abuses of detainees. The Ayatollah criticised them for highlighting claims of mistreatment in Kahrizak prison, one of the main sites where protesters are being detained. “Some ignore defacing of the system while highlighting the issue of Kahrizak,” he was quoted as saying by the state Islamic Republic News Agency. “This way of thinking is an open unfairness.” Hey, with a relaxed attitude like that to alleged sexual abuse, if he was ever considering converting to Roman Catholicism he’d doubtless be welcomed with open arms and a senior position in the Hierarchy. Mind you, with a German in charge at the Vatican there would only be room for one Supreme Leader. Ein Congregation – Ein Church – Ein Fuhrer.