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His wife, boyfriend, wife-beating husband openly come to vent their anger angry that she will be stripped pig

二零零九年八月二十八日晚上十时五十五分 At 22:55 on August 28, 2009

(新加坡28日讯) 37岁技师,放工回家看到娇妻跟男人亲密的坐在厅里看电视,过后又发现衣橱的抽屉里,收着好几个避孕套,怀疑妻子偷汉子,一怒之下,把她推倒在床上,掐住她的颈项,再将她剥个精光。 (Singapore 28 News) 37-year-old technician, returned home after work to see Stepford Wives intimate with a man sitting room watching TV, after which they found to wardrobe drawer, to close with several condoms, suspected his wife Touhan Zi, a anger under pushed her down on the bed, grabbed her neck, and then she was stripping money on sheer incompetence.

怒汉把妻子剥光猪后,把她的男朋友赶走,然后倒回睡房,抓住妻子的头去撞墙泄愤。 Angry pig stripped his wife, after her boyfriend away, and then fell back to the bedroom, seizing his wife's head to hit a wall vent their anger.

妻子的头被撞到瘀肿,痛得放声大哭,她的男朋友在楼下听到她的哭喊声,连忙向警方报案,结果,当技师的怒夫邓强兴,在动粗和伤人两项罪名下被捕。 His wife's head was hit bruising, pain cry, and her boyfriend downstairs to hear her cries, ran to the police as a result, when the technicians angry husband Dennis hing, in the use of brute force and injury 2 people were arrested under charges.

事件在07年5月25日晚上8点20分至23分之间,发生在海格路一间组屋里。 The incident at 20:20 on May 25, 2007 to 23 range, which took place in Haig Road, a group of room.

殴妻的男子被控后保释出外,可是,他却在今年1月22日下午6点14分又再惹事,到百汇广场一间百货公司,偷窃一条价值62元(约150令吉)的皮带,结果又被捕。 The man was charged with assault after his wife released on bail to go out, but, he was this year at 18:14 on January 22 once again to stir up trouble, to the Parkway Plaza, a department store, stealing a value of 62 yuan (about 150 euros) of the belt The result has been arrested.

技师认罪后,通过律师说,事发当晚,他看到一名陌生男子跟妻子坐在沙发上看电视,对方的头靠在妻子肩上,手则拨弄妻子的大腿,看到他回来也无动于衷,妻子也一副若无其事的样子。 Technician plea of guilty, through his lawyer that the night of the incident, he saw a strange man sitting on the sofa watching TV with his wife, the other side of the head against his wife on his shoulders, then fiddle with his wife's thigh, hand, to see him come back is also insensitive to the wife is also a look if nothing had happened.

过后,他发现睡房衣橱的抽屉里,收了好几个避孕套。 Later, he found the bedroom drawer wardrobe, and received several condoms. 由于他和妻子已一段时间没有行房,他因此怀疑妻子对他不忠,跟别的男人胡搞。 As he and his wife did not have sexual intercourse for some time, so he suspected his wife of his infidelity with other men mess.

不满妻男友态度不好 Dissatisfied with the attitude of his wife bad boyfriend

怒夫不满妻子的男友公然上门,不把他放在眼里,还粗声粗气的问他:“你要什么?”。 Angry husband openly dissatisfied with his wife's boyfriend visits, not looked down on him, but also Cushengcuqi asked him: "What do you want?."

该名愤怒的丈夫认为,妻子的男友放肆狂妄,在他家撒野,他因此被对方激怒,加上妻子没好好解释那名男子是谁,结果,他恼怒下,冲动的把妻子拉进睡房,质问她男人和避孕套的事。 The angry husband that the wife's boyfriend unbridled arrogance, acting wildly at his house, so he was outraged the other, together with his wife, the man who did not properly explain the result, he was angry, the impulse to pull his wife into the sleep room, asking her to do men and condoms.

不料,妻子对避孕套的事,支吾了事,这名丈夫一气之下,跟妻子拉扯起来。 Unexpectedly, the wife of the condom thing, hedged and settle the matter, the name of her husband angrily, with his wife pulled up. 怒夫承认,确实曾揪妻子的头发,而且在争扭时,把她推到墙边,但他辩说,妻子是绊到一张矮床,头才去撞到墙。 Angry husband admitted that there have been pulling his wife's hair, but also in the war, when twisted, pushed her against the wall, but he argued that the wife is tripping over a short bed, the first before we hit the wall.

夫辩称:妻穿薄衣易扯破 Husband argued that: easy to tear his wife to wear Usugi

至于剥光妻子的指责,这名怒夫说,事发当天,妻子穿的衣服,布料质地薄,容易被扯破。 As for the stripped his wife's accusations, this anger-fu said that the day of the incident, the wife wear clothes, fabric texture is thin, easily torn.

她过后用背单包住身体,跑去女佣的房间,因此,没有第三者看到妻子裸露身体。 After she backs a single wrap the body, ran maid's room, so there is no third party to see his wife naked body.

怒夫声称,他因为跟妻子的关系不好,婚姻亮红灯,患上忧郁症。 Angry husband claimed that his relationship with his wife because of bad marriage, red light, suffering from depression.

他已经跟妻子离婚,8岁儿子归他照顾,6岁的女儿则由前妻抚养。 He has divorced with his wife, 8-year-old son under his care for 6-year-old daughter by his ex-wife maintenance.

法官考虑各情,判技师坐牢3个星期又1天,兼罚款2000元(约4900令吉)。 The judge to consider the situation and sentenced to prison three weeks another technician 1 day, and a fine of 2,000 yuan (about 4900 euros). (人名译音) (Name transliterated)