Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too hasty? 太粗心? ‧ Singaporeans lost 120 phone every day

  • Worried about loss of mobile phones, computers, can now be insured for them.

(Singapore) too hasty? 太粗心? Singapore lost a day as many as 120 mobile phones, laptop computers and other technology products.

This is in accordance with public transport operators and information provided by the police, the calculated figures, including the theft or loss of IT products.

ComfortDelGro said passengers per month on average this year, Texaco left in the technological products of 2552 than in 2007 increased by 13%.

These hi-tech products accounted for one third of mobile phones, and the rest include laptop computers, MP3 players, cameras.

On the other hand, science and technology products last year to declare left in buses and the MTR on the case, about 3500. It appears that Texaco ride than the bus搭地铁and more forgetful.

Police figures show that last year, approximately 4,000 mobile phones were stolen, and the first half of this year has reached 1927 and Taiwan.

Taking advantage of opportunities to launch American Express Back On Track Policy

It is always the loss of important objects such as mobile computers, American Express Taking advantage of business opportunities, two weeks before the launch of the policy of high-tech products to provide protection健忘者.

Back On Track, called the policy, the monthly premium of 23.99 yuan (about RM 58 ringgit), insurance products include home, plus the loss of credit cards, personal belongings such as jewelry, handbags, and even the home keys and car keys are also included.

Claims for the loss of the top mobile phone sales, a year of not more than 750 (about RM 1,800 ringgit) for laptop computers, MP3 players and cameras, claims up to 1,000 yuan (about 2,400 Malaysian ringgit).

AXA Insurance and AIA insurance, will be the object of all private insurance into the family and goods, so that the insured was in compensation for lost items.

Guangming Daily ‧ 2009.08.18