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Sleeping with the cost of 16 million Monroe

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(洛杉矶26日综合电)性感女神玛丽莲梦露尽管香消玉殒将近半世纪,但这位一代尤物不仅依旧在“最会赚钱的已故名人”排行榜名列前茅,还有能耐为人生财。 (Los Angeles 26, Reuters) sex goddess Marilyn Monroe, despite the certain death would be nearly half a century, but the generation of stuff is not only still in the "most profitable of the late celebrity will be" top list, as well as capability Weiren making money.

梦露过世后,长眠于美国加州洛杉矶的“西坞村墓园”(Westwood Village Memorial Park)。 Marilyn Monroe's death, buried in the United States Los Angeles, California "West Wucun cemetery" (Westwood Village Memorial Park). 她安息处正上方的墓位,周一以460余万美元(约1614余万令吉)天价在拍卖网站eBay结标,而得标人代号“OS”,确实身份不详。 She rest in peace at the tomb above the bit, Monday to more than 460 million dollars (about 1614 I million) sky-high price at the auction site eBay knot standard, derived from standard one, code-named "OS", is indeed unknown.

富豪遗孀卖墓地 Regal's widow selling cemetery

该墓位目前的主人是去世23年的洛杉矶富豪庞契(Richard Poncher)。 The tomb owner was the death of the current position for 23 years, Los Angeles Volvo Pang Qi (Richard Poncher). 1954年,庞契从正在跟梦露办离婚的前洋基球星狄马乔手中买下这座墓室。 In 1954, Pang Qi Monroe divorce from working with a former Yankees star DiMaggio bought this tomb. 但庞契的遗孀艾希为了支付比佛利山庄豪宅的贷款,决定把老公的安息之地卖掉变现。 However, Pang Qi's widow Aich Beverly Hills mansion to pay for the loan, the decision to her husband's resting place selling them for cash.

拍卖从14日起在eBay开放竞标,起标价50万美元(约175余万令吉)。 From 14 the date of the auction opening bid at eBay, starting price 500,000 U.S. dollars (about 175 I million). eBay共收到21笔标单,但这位有幸在死后得以与梦露长相左右的投标人是何方神圣,eBay表示交易底定后,可望公开细节。 eBay received a total of 21 pen-standard orders, but his death was able to honor about Monroe looks bidders who he was, eBay said the transaction set out a course, I hope to open the details.

艾希靠梦露的魅力顺利卖掉亡夫墓位而大捞一笔后,将把庞契的遗骨迁到附近她原本保留给自己的墓室。 Aich rely on the smooth charm of Marilyn Monroe sold her deceased husband's tomb and large fishing a bit after the move to the vicinity of the remains will Pangqi she had reserved for his own tomb. 西坞村墓园表示,如果想在另一个世界和梦露当邻居,庞契上方的墓位现正标售中,价格只要25万美元(约90万令吉)。 West Wucun cemetery, said in another world and if you want to Monroe when the neighbors, Pang Qi-bit is now the top of the tomb of auction, the price of just 25 million (about 90 million).

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■ 性感女神玛丽莲梦露被列为“最会赚钱的已故名人”排行榜名列前茅。 ■ sex goddess Marilyn Monroe is listed as "the most profitable of the late celebrity will be" top list.