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入室盗窃女性内裤英国市长辞职 Burglary of women's underwear United Kingdom mayors to resign

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(伦敦26日综合电)据英国媒体周二报道,英国兰开夏郡海滨城镇普里萨尔市的女性居民们最近陷入了恐慌之中,因为她们放在卧室抽屉中的女性内裤经常无缘无故地失踪。 (London 26, Reuters) Tuesday, according to British media reports, the United Kingdom Lancashire seaside town of Prisal female residents of the city have recently plunged into panic, because they were placed in the women's underwear in the bedroom drawer often for no apparent reason missing.

一名妇女在家中安装了摄像头,结果拍下一名男子闯入她的卧室盗走内裤的场景。 A woman at home to install a camera, the results photographed a man broke into her bedroom and stole underwear scene. 出人意料的是,这名“内裤大盗”竟是普里萨尔市现年58岁的市长大人伊安·斯塔福德! Surprisingly, this "underwear bandit" was actually Prisal City Lord Mayor, 58-year-old Yi Ansi Stafford!

事发后,当地警方突袭了斯塔福德市长的家,搜出了至少数十条颜色不同的女性内裤。 After the incident, local police raided the home of Mayor Stafford, found at least dozens of different-colored women's underwear. 据悉,斯塔福德4年前被选为普里萨尔市市长,不久前赢得连任。 It is reported that Stafford was elected four years ago, Prisal mayor, recently won re-election. 除了履行市长职务外,他平时还兼职充当杂务工和园丁。 In addition to fulfilling his position as Mayor, he usually also act as a part-time handyman and gardener.

丑闻曝光后,斯塔福德已经辞去市长职务,并正在接受英国警方的调查。 After the scandal, has resigned from his position as Mayor Stafford, and is receiving the British police investigation.

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