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能看不能吃金字塔形西瓜值千元 Can see can not eat thousand dollars the value of the pyramid-shaped watermelons

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(新加坡26日讯)金字塔形西瓜,只能看不能吃,一粒叫价500新元(约1220令吉)。 (Singapore 26 AP) pyramid-shaped watermelons, could not try to eat a bid 500 Singapore dollars (about 1220 euros).

这粒只供人欣赏的金字塔形西瓜,重约7公斤,从日本北海道特别引进,目前在新加坡汤申大厦的Fairprice Finest亮相。 This grain only people appreciate the pyramid-shaped watermelons, weighing about 7 kg, from the Japanese island of Hokkaido in particular the introduction of the current building in Singapore Thomson Fairprice Finest appearance. 这粒贵西瓜可供长期摆放,作为装饰品,在21摄氏度至22摄氏度的室内,平均可摆放3个月。 This grain is available in your long-term display of watermelon, as a decoration, in the 21 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius indoors, an average display for 3 months.

日本北海道的农夫是在2年前就开始培植“金字塔”形西瓜。 Hokkaido, Japan's farmers was 2 years ago, began to cultivate "pyramid" shaped watermelon. 除了“金字塔”形西瓜之外,还有人脸西瓜、星星形状和爱心形状的西瓜。 In addition to "pyramid"-shaped watermelon, there are human faces watermelon, star shape and love the shape of the watermelon.

引进“金字塔”形西瓜的新加坡蔬果批发商万春商行私人有限公司表示,西瓜是用特别的原料种植,因此不适合食用。 Introduction of the "pyramid" shaped watermelon fruit and vegetable wholesalers Wanchun firm in Singapore Private Limited said that the watermelon is a special raw material cultivation, therefore not suitable for eating.

被套上模子 Fitted with a mold

西瓜之所以长成奇形怪状,是因为被套上一个模子,例如金字塔形状或心形的模子,成长的过程里就会填满这个模子,最后就长成心形、星形等各种形状。 Reason watermelon grow into grotesque, because fitted with a mold, such as pyramid-shaped or heart-shaped mold, the process of growing up where it will fill the mold, the last on the long-intentionally-shaped, star-shaped and other shapes.

万春商行说,形状越精美的西瓜,售价就越高。 Wanchun firm, said more beautifully shaped watermelons, the higher the price. 在日本,大机构和财团都喜欢把这些不同形状的珍贵西瓜当成互送礼物的佳品。 In Japan, large organizations and consortia like those of different shapes of watermelon as the precious gifts of Jiapin each other.

盼明年引进心形西瓜 Hope to introduce next year heart-shaped watermelons

万春商行希望在明年情人节的时候,能够把象征爱情的心形西瓜引进新加坡展出,以配合这个罗曼蒂克的节日。 Wanchun firm hope that next year's Valentine's Day time, he will bring a symbol of love, the introduction of heart-shaped watermelon on display in Singapore to cater for this romantic holiday.

如果你很想买一粒“金字塔”形西瓜放在住家的客厅或办公室,可向汤申大厦的Fairprice Finest询问详情。 If you are to buy a "pyramid" shape of watermelon on the home's living room or office can be made to Townshend asked the details of building Fairprice Finest. 据估计,平均要4周至6周的时间,才可取货。 It is estimated that an average of 4-6 weeks of time in order to pick up.

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