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UK: Apple should I seal!

  • iPod Touch.

(UK) technology giant Apple iPod users suspected of prohibited products revealed that the bombing. British "The Times" Sunday (August 2) reported an 11-year-old girl in Liverpool of the iPod Touch, 7 after the explosion took place, her family requested a refund to Apple, but Apple is willing to fully refund in the same time, but out the precondition that they would need to sign a settlement agreement, promise not to disclose the incident to anyone.Girls in the family that the agreement is unreasonable, refused to sign.

Reported that 47-year-old man斯坦伯勒(Ken Stanborough) 7 months and the family car River Tour, because that 11-year-old daughter eligen (Ellie) of the iPod Touch like unusual risk, so hurry out of the door to iPod Touch , then this player will be an explosion. 斯坦伯勒recalled: "At that time, I found that the fuselage was hiss, my hand holding it, are the hands of more and more heat, I also like to see smoke in the fuselage." He then dished out to players outside, "less than 30 seconds after the fuselage will be explosions, bang bang issued, a large number of tobacco smoke, air enough to rise to 10 feet."

Agreement set out in the letter claims to secrets

Sri Lanka's post at Apple and the sale of this player retailers Argos, turning several times to work with Apple to a high-level phone. Apple then sent a letter to Sri Lanka's agreement, which means Apple agreed to refund in full, but denied any liability. The letter also stated that Sri Lanka's willing to accept the full refund, that is, that "the agreement and agreed to its existence, to confidentiality", and warned that if the leak will be Sri Lanka's once brought legal action, "Apple is likely to default those claims. "

Steinmann said he thought the agreement is very disturbing letter, refused to sign. "They actually wanted me to accept a life sentence, we are not allowed to disclose the incident to anyone. If we are in violation of the commitments that they would sue us at all, I think this is very terrible. We do not require compensation, just want to get money to buy machines. "

Explosion of cases involving evasion investigation ‧ Resistance Reporter

"The Times" said that Apple was the U.S. reporter came to light last week on suspicion of a number of fire or explosion iPod cases "cover", not allowing the public's attention. Reported that the United States television station KIRO in Seattle, a female reporter Clancy (Amy Clancy), the United States in December last year, "Freedom of Information Act", requiring the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission report on the explosion of iPod files, but Apple's lawyers to block several times makes an application for exemption, so that eventually Clancy spent seven months to obtain the documents.

KIRO reported that the investigation, "the document more than 800 pages long, is the first time that many details about iPod suddenly caught fire, smoke and burn the file owner, of which 15 is the main complaint of fire or explosion iPod cases" . Clancy questioned iPod Apple declined to comment on the problem of overheating, in the face of the media to take the review of "Open Garden" strategy.Documents show that Apple doubt the problem is caused by lithium batteries, but that "the latest generation of iPod's battery is not used for similar problems", it has no intention of recovery.

"I am worried that children will eventually die because of iPod"

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission safety reports submitted to the iPod, set out in detail a number of iPod cases of fire or explosion, but did not order the recovery of iPod, because the authorities that "the accident rate is not high." IPod family of products reported in the world has so far sold over 170 million, and "the question of the total number of iPod sales ratio of the number is negligible, so the risk of injury is very low at home."

Apple asked the victims of data: you have no right to know

Regulation of consumer goods, however, California and scientists达曼特(Gordon Damant) said that as the iPod has caught fire smoke, the iPod can be very dangerous. He said: "if it will fire any item can be very dangerous. If the failure of users to carry iPod, clothes will be burned; when users clothes burned, the fire may be out of control."

Washington state residents iPod Valderas was burned in 2008 after his chest, call contact Apple to find out whether the incident was a frequent occurrence, but Apple says it is only an isolated incident. She then asked Apple to provide data relating to similar incidents, and asked how to deal with Apple's intention to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents, but accusing her of Apple's only "the right not to know." Valderas then contact the television station KIRO require investigation.

According to the Consumer Council's report, Apple as early as in 2005, Pennsylvania has received an iPod overheating due to end-users, "and home to the damage caused by his son," the case. However, the report referred to a teenage girl in 2007 was overheating iPod burn cases, the girl's mother to Apple complaint Mooney, "I asked them, this has been happen? Whether the new cases? They said, 'We had never heard of '. I am angry, because they turn a blind eye. "

Although the Council has not yet received serious injuries to iPod users report, but Mooney worried that this just a matter of time, "I am worried that children will die due to failure of iPod, Apple does not want to face up to and correct problems."

The frequent occurrence of an explosion of new aircraft lost私了

iPod family of products, such as the iPod Touch, iPod nano and so on, published since 2001 has been very popular iPod products around the world in recent years exploded sporadic cases from time to time (Hong Kong also appeared in 2007, the first explosion iPod nano cases), the United States making more claims filed.

‧烧穿American teenager the pocket of his trousers

In December last year, the United States, Ohio, a 16-year-old boy in class on the pocket of his trousers to iPod Touch, iPod Touch However, a sudden explosion, burning  trousers and underwear, two thigh burns caused by the juvenile. Teenage mothers to subsequent litigation to the court demanding compensation for 225,000 U.S. dollars Apple (about 1.755 million Hong Kong dollars), Apple spokesman said the case is in proceedings on the grounds, declined to comment on the incident.

‧ Taiwan Han烧熔charge shell

Early July, a man in Taiwan to use a 3-year charge iPod nano, iPod nano charging but after half an hour explosion, shell melting, keys off Apple after it was reported that the compensation to the man of a new iPod nano , but does not guarantee the same  situation does not happen again. In 2007, the United States in Atlanta, a user, you will only get Apple agreed to bad machine replacement plane exploded.

‧ Japanese hot iPod nano battery

Japan has also occurred in at least five cases iPod nano  fire, most of them are charging iPod nano  fire, the Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry has been the subject of a follow-up. Apple says it is a local one battery products supplier problem, and announced in August last year found that consumers who are not body overheating, the battery can be replaced with new ones. Apple's statement that "in September 2005 to December 2006 sale of the first generation iPod nano's battery, or overheat, affecting the operation of iPod nano, so that it deformed," and will follow up to the battery manufacturers.

‧ out of Google, Apple, president of the Board of Directors

Apple announced Sunday night, Google Chief Executive Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) has resigned from Apple's Board of Directors. Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs said that Apple's involvement in the growing Google's core business markets, Schmidt regular meeting in the Board of Directors from the meeting, so as not to constitute a conflict of interest, which made him the effectiveness of board members as "a significant reduction." Jobs said Apple Schmidt and his resignation was the consensus of both sides. He praised Schmidt's performance in the Apple board of directors, but the name refers to Google's Android mobile operating system with the Chrome browser, are related to Apple's core business overlap.

Schmidt repeated business from the meeting of overlapping meetings ‧

Schmidt joined Apple's board of directors in 2006. The relationship between Apple and Google cracks in the recent competition, earlier announced that Apple will not let iPhone users use Google's phone service software "Google Voice". U.S. Federal Communications Commission are investigating whether the incident involved a monopoly Apple.

In addition, Apple released the iPhone operating system update in order to repair expert security vulnerability discovered earlier. Earlier security experts warned that hackers may be paid through SMS, iPhone system invasion. (Hong Kong's Ming Pao)

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