Wednesday, August 26, 2009

United States: Reader's Digest's Laolei
2009-08-19 20:06 2009-08-19 20:06


《讀者文摘》週二(8月18日)宣佈將申請破產保護,重組債務。 "Readers Digest" Tuesday (August 18) announced that it will file for bankruptcy protection and debt restructuring. 圖為在市面銷售的最新一期美國版《讀者文摘》。 The photo shows sold on the market the latest issue of the U.S. edition of "Reader's Digest." (圖:法新社) (Photo: AFP)

(美國)歷史悠久的《讀者文摘》(Reader's Digest),也難逃互聯網時代洪流的考驗。 (United States) has a long history of "Reader's Digest" (Reader's Digest), can not escape the torrent of the Internet age test. 陷入財政困難的讀者文摘協會,週二(8月18日)宣佈與主要債權人達成共識,將申請破產保護,成為近期又一不敵衰退和消費口味改變的傳媒集團。 Into financial difficulties, Reader's Digest Association, Tuesday (August 18) announced to reach a consensus with the main creditors, will apply for bankruptcy protection, becoming yet another match for the recent recession and changes in consumer tastes Media Group. 協會希望透過債務重組,將債務由如今的22億美元,削減75%至5.5億美元。 Association hoped that through debt restructuring, debt from 2.2 billion today to cut 75 percent to 5.5 billion dollars. 協會強調《讀者文摘》將繼續發行。 Association, stressed that "Reader's Digest" will continue to issue.