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Malaysia and then out human trafficking blacklist Hisham do not agree with the report of the United States

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(吉隆坡26日讯)内政部长拿督斯里希山慕丁对“美国国务院2009年报告”再度将大马列入贩卖人口黑名单表示不认同。 (Kuala Lumpur, 26, Reuters) Interior Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein to "the U.S. State Department 2009 report" once again to include human trafficking blacklist Malaysia did not agree.

虽然不认同美国将大马列入黑名单,不过我国政府针对贩卖人口的问题毫不怠慢,且陆续和邻国展开商讨会议,而这回则与澳洲当局针对8项主题进行讨论和分享情报。 Although Malaysia does not agree with the United States will be blacklisted, but the Chinese Government for the issue of trafficking in human beings not slow, and one after another and neighboring countries started to discuss the meeting, which back then with the Australian authorities for the eight topics for discussion and sharing of information. " "

希山慕丁表示,自首相拿督斯里纳吉于6月造访澳洲总理时,曾表示两国将在近期内展开联合会议,而这回马澳两国派出多个国家安全组织的代表于本月26日和27日,在吉隆坡酒店展开为期两天的"马澳打击贩卖人口活动研讨会",目的是针对两国的人口贩卖问题商讨对策。 Hishammuddin said that since the Prime Minister Najib Razak in June visit to the Australian Prime Minister, has said the two countries will start joint meeting in the near future, which is sent back to Malaysia and Australia, both the representatives of various national security organizations in the this month, 26 and 27 hotels in Kuala Lumpur, a two-day "horse Australia to combat trafficking Seminar", which seeks to address the problem of trafficking between the two countries to discuss measures.

大马出席者包括内政部副部长拿督阿布瑟曼、内政部秘书长拿督玛末阿当、全国警察总长丹斯里慕沙哈山和海事局、总检察署、关税局、国防部和国家安全理事会等官员;而澳洲代表则是澳洲总理的国家安全顾问路易士(Duncan Lewis)少将和国家各安全组织的官员。 Malaysia was attended by Deputy Interior Minister Datuk Buse Man, Interior Secretary-General, the late Adam Na Duma, the National Police General Tan Sri Musa Hassan and the Marine Bureau, the Attorney General's Office, Customs Bureau, Ministry of National Defense and the National Security Council and other officials; while Australia is the Australian representative of the Prime Minister's national security adviser Lewis (Duncan Lewis) major general and national security officials of the Organization.

两国研讨营所包含的8项主题包括:(1)人口贩卖的情况、(2)加强两国间的情报共享、(3)协力瓦解人口贩卖活动、(4)贩卖人口的架构、(5)监督和禁止海上走私人口行动、(6)护照、边境管理和相关移民入境的安排、(7)稳定和安排人口迁移、(8)区域合作。 Discuss the two camps included eight themes include: (1) trafficking in human beings, and (2) to strengthen intelligence sharing between the two countries, (3) to deliver the collapse of trafficking activities, (4), the structure of human trafficking, ( 5) The Authority and the prohibition of maritime smuggling operations, (6) passport, border management and related arrangements for immigration, (7) stability and organization of migration, (8) regional cooperation.

澳国家安全顾问:贩卖人口属全球问题 Australia's national security adviser: trafficking in human beings is a global problem

澳洲总理的国家安全顾问路易士认为,贩卖人口活动并不只是发生于马澳两国,或是印尼、新加坡、泰国之间的问题,贩卖人口是属于全球性问题。 Australian Prime Minister's national security adviser, Lewis believes that human trafficking is not just between China and Australia took place in Malaysia, or Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the problems between trafficking in human beings belong to a global problem.

他说:"在这次的研讨营上,我们并没有讨论两国人口贩卖的数据,而是专注于以上主题。不过贩卖人口的问题将会获得解决。" He said: "The discussion in this camp, we did not discuss data on trafficking between the two countries, but rather to focus on these topics. However, the issue of trafficking will be solved."

内政部长拿督斯里希山慕丁也表示,从未承认大马是贩卖人口活动的转运站和终点站。 Interior Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin also said that Malaysia was never recognized a transit point for trafficking in human beings and terminals.

"大马自两年前开始执行'2007年反人口贩卖法令'后,许多非法活动都获得解决和成功打击罪犯。" "Malaysia two years ago, started from the '2007-year anti-trafficking laws', many of the illegal activities have been resolved and the successful fight against criminals."

他也披露,内阁已于今早批准举行亚太情报首脑会议(APICC),因此政府将于10月邀请相关国家一同讨论、交换资源和分享情报且透过精明科技的合作,一同打击属国际性的罪案,如人口贩卖、毒品罪案和恐怖活动等。 He also revealed that the Cabinet was held this morning approved the Asia-Pacific Intelligence Summit (APICC), the Government invited the relevant countries will be in October for discussion, exchange of resources and the sharing of information and technology through a smart partnership with the fight against an international crimes such as human trafficking, drug crimes and terrorist activities.

另一方面,询及马澳两国警方会否进行防恐的联合演习时,希山慕丁则表示,其实两国在部份领域上已有合作和进行联合演习。 On the other hand, Malaysia and Australia, both asked the police whether it will conduct joint exercises prevent terrorism, Hishammuddin said, in fact, in some areas between the two countries have co-operation and joint exercises.

"在反恐的课题上,两国之间都有进行一些演习和合作,至于打击贩卖人口的演习合作,则将展开讨论。" "In the subject of anti-terrorism between the two countries have carried out a number of exercises and cooperation, as an exercise in cooperation to combat trafficking in human beings, it will discuss."