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United States: Michael died of homicide?

(U.S.) King of Pop Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson) the death of more than a month later, the cause of death is the final breakthrough in the progress of the investigation. The Associated Press and cable news networks Tuesday (July 28), citing U.S. law enforcement officials disclosed that police information showed that Michael's personal physician Michael Murray as powerful illegal injection drug Diprivan, so that Michael killed Murray has been identified as a goal of a formal investigation of the murder.

A condition of anonymity, law enforcement officials said that Michael had been sleeping problems, it is necessary to regularly use the powerful

Intravenous anesthetic Diprivan (word for medicine Propofol Propofol) to help sleep, and Diprivan as "alarm" and "sleep" when intravenous injection by a doctor (drips), it is necessary to stop when starting .Michael Diprivan alleged abuse have been 2 years. Earlier this year, Michael had to use the views of registered nurses vitamin Lear said that Michael had to suffer from insomnia, repeatedly asked her to Diprivan, but refused to Lear.

Diprivan as "alarm clock" that is, stop injection from ‧

The law enforcement officials said that Michael born June 25 the night before, Murray (Conrad Murray) Michael injection given Diprivan.Although Michael toxicological tests have not yet been there, but investigators are Michael Diprivan lead to the heart of the theory to the investigation stalled. Authorities suspect that Murray may be to drips when Michael fell asleep, wake up one day when Michael was found dead due to heart failure, if he had been monitoring the situation drips  Michael, Michael, or will receive timely rescue.

Murray in May this year to become Michael's personal physician, in Michael more than a month before his death, and his home to live in Los Angeles. Court documents show that 51-year-old Murray has been identified as a homicide investigation, the police raided last week, Murray is located in Houston Texas and storerooms of the clinic, confiscating three computers, a "significant contact list "by his two aides sent e-mail and a variety of drugs. Houston court last Thursday (July 23) the promulgation of a search warrant, the first time as a suspected homicide case processing, enabling the authorities to find "and the murder of the evidence," criminal investigation of Murray.

Chernov, however in response to Murray's lawyer said: "Michael Murray is accompanied through the last Dr. Cheng De, the point to the outside world have all accused him. Murray for the report and the allegations are very upset, 24-hour to have bodyguards to protect, he could not work. "'s cut also said," There will not rumors or anonymous comment on the news. "

Agence France-Presse: the fastest growing cause of death released this week

Agence France-Presse reported that the earliest will be later this week announce the exact cause of death of Michael. Michael reported the first death of the entertainment Web site TMZ reported that forensic or Los Angeles next week Michael announced the cause of death, and will upgrade to a homicide case, ruled out a natural death, accidental death, accident or suicide, drug abuse may be.

‧ doctors insist on the performance of a strange first 2 hours

Refers to the British media's personal physician Michael Murray, Michael on the same day in the strange behavior, when other health care that Michael has returned to operation when the poor soul, Michael Murray still insisted on first aid for up to two hours, and adhere to to him to a hospital, his plans look back to life.

‧ bedroom apartments scattered debris as hot steamer

Law enforcement officials quoted by The Associated Press Tuesday the news just made the disclosure on the same day (June 25) Michael home situation. Michael reported that the bedroom was a mess, clothing and other debris scattered on the walls a note affixed to about 20, one wrote: "Children are lovely and ignorant." Michael has a sheet ceramic doll wearing a skirt, after the police found Michael Diprivan bedroom and other drugs, 3 bottles of oxygen and intravenous equipment, and bodyguards in the room Michael found 15 bottles of oxygen. The law enforcement officials described as Michael on the top floor apartments were sealed, except for Michael, Michael and three children into the private doctors Murray, above a high temperature, the furnace and heating to make heat as steamer, as Michael often said to feel very cold.

Murray on the day of the incident about 12:00 Michael was found unconscious on his bed, weak pulse, and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and tried to save Michael, to Michael chest pressure, but failed. Rescue him after 20-30 minutes, only to inform the medical staff. Chernoff argues that through their lawyer Murray, when he found Michael, he considered the incident using a mobile phone call for help, but he found that he did not know the address of the residential address, then shouted for help and continued CPR, and finally Michael a call from the police bodyguards.

Resistance has announced the death of health care

A few minutes later the ambulance crew then arrived, and Murray spent 42 minutes together a last-ditch rescue of Michael. After emergency medical treatment, the presence of medical and nursing staff wish to announce that Michael died, but at the scene as the most qualified medical professionals from Murray, also advocates sending Michael to the University of California at Los Angeles hospital.Murray argues that he was still Michael pulse diagnosis. Sources said: "Hospital doctors have stopped trying to save Michael - he was dead, but Murray refused to give up. He continue to use the cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, and other doctors think it is very unusual." Michael was rushed to the hospital the day of the final 14:26 pronounced dead.

Shouson security aide to the suspect without payment ‧ misappropriated premiums

Michael had a life before his death, assistant couch because "no added fee," led to the original 22.5 million U.S. dollars (1.74 billion) in damages, reduced to only 2.5 million (1940 million), The Michael family suspected aide misappropriated premiums.

逾亿compensation for lost children

Hoflin cosmetic surgeon Michael (Steven Hoefflin) said that Michael had in 2002 to buy a life insurance, he had no power of drug abuse certification Michael, Michael may be good to make the maximum amount insured. "But Michael family (recently) said to me, completely unbelievable and very frightening, Michael was an aide to Michael during his lifetime in the last few months, pay no premium on time, they believe that a person must be the money misappropriated money. "

Hoflin that was in contact with the insurance company to pay the assistant, but a person must be only lip service to the "commitment to give money, but have never done this " Michael led his family can only receive compensation for 2.5 million U.S. dollars, losing 20 million U.S. dollars ( about 70.33 million Malaysian ringgit). "This insurance is very important to Michael, because that is his money left to children. Now Michael family are angry, ready to resort to legal proceedings against the assistant."

The return of the former financial adviser ‧ 40 million secret fund

Michael Jackson's former financial adviser more than米博士(Thome) claimed that the secret he holds a lot of money Michael has been paid 5.5 million U.S. dollars (about 42.62 million Hong Kong dollars) to the executor of Michael. Meters, said Michael has always hoped to use the money to buy comfortable place to live in Las Vegas, in the death of Michael, he is in consultation with the local sale of the property owners. Meters claimed that Michael had asked him not to tell anyone money, but in Michael's death, he had the money and a number of Michael to hand over personal belongings, as part of Michael heritage.(Hong Kong's Ming Pao)

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