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5 killed 14 people in Urumqi protesters wounded 25 people were arrested Uygurs

5 killed 14 people in Urumqi protesters wounded 25 people were arrested Uygurs

At 16:44 on September 5th, 2009

(Beijing 5 AP) for 2 consecutive days of Xinjiang, Urumqi, Han Chinese took to the streets, killing at least five people were killed and 14 injured, 25 people were arrested Uygurs. ZHANG, executive vice mayor, said, in which two victims were innocent people, the situation is under control.

ZHANG, said Wednesday there are 531 people have been needle stabbed the wounded are mainly Han Chinese, a Uygur people have been hit the seriously injured, arrested 25 suspects are Uygurs.

In addition, Hou-min, director of the Information Office of Urumqi, said Hong Kong reporters in the interview is to understand the period, the armed police injured and arrested in the incident, he said, when interviewed by the authorities will be protected.

Chief Executive Donald Tsang said Hong Kong reporters and photographers are very concerned about the interview in Xinjiang was taken away, he has told Beijing to follow up, if necessary, to provide assistance. He stressed that the Council has been following up this matter.

ZHANG at a press conference that since August 20, Urumqi, one after another, some members of the public in public places by others stabbed with needle-like object, triggering public panic and discontent, September 2, occurred due to a few places, "Needle tie events ", resulting in the victim and some Han people act on the implementation of needle sticks to hit the suspects, killing one of them seriously.

ZHANG said, September 3 to the present, because the recurrence of several "needlestick incident" caused by people gathering procession, some sections have taken place in small-scale conflicts. According to statistics, 3, were injured in the incident has resulted in hospitalization of 14 people, five people died. The dead innocent people for 2 persons.

ZHANG, said on the 4th day the people gathered there is no large-scale demonstrations took place in various small groups gathered demonstrations have been timely disposal of the current state of affairs to be brought under control.

Recently, people in Urumqi has been needle-like material occurred successively in stabbing incident, since August 20 to September 2, medical staff had reported 476 cases of needlestick injuries admissions, there are obvious signs of acupuncture in 89 cases, no deaths were The police have arrested some suspects.

Urumqi was calm

Following the riot occurred yesterday morning in Urumqi, Xinjiang after the atmosphere was generally calm, armed police continued overnight stationed at the street decreased significantly.

The municipal government at a press conference that the riots in which 14 people and injuring five people were killed, including innocent people, but also emphasize that the needle stab people are Uighurs, the injured and are mainly Han Chinese, there are ethnic minorities.

Chinese experts have approved three chaos due to the situation in Xinjiang is not optimistic about the

(Xinjiang 5 AP) Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences and anti-terrorism scholar of folk Pan Zhiping, said the incident shocked the whole world is far from over 7.5 to plan, "injection party" forces behind the incident will come up with new ways to the future, so in Xinjiang is not optimistic about the political situation in the short term.

Pan Zhiping told Hong Kong's "Ming Pao", the authorities are facing rapidly changing situation to "pre-emptive strike," promptly to the public all kinds of information in order to draw some lessons from this "injection party" incident slow response lesson.

Analysis of the Pan Zhiping Han parade events, behind the main three reasons. One is "7.5" riots delayed the trial started, so that the public, especially victims and their families very dissatisfied. The second is the "injection party" incident, the slow response to the government departments concerned, the Government and the police did not play its due role;

The third is September 1 is the opening day of the Urumqi International Trade Fair for the show "7.5" incident, social stability, economic development, the implementation of traffic control in the central city, causing traffic chaos. At this point is the end of the summer school to catch up with primary and secondary schools in Urumqi, the majority of parents for security reasons can not let children take a bus, multi-purpose car shuttle, traffic chaos in so many parents complained, the number of these parents account for a large proportion of the city's population, but also one was directly triggered by the march.

Han parade non-human planning

Pan Zhiping believe that this large-scale demonstration in Urumqi Han Although the number of a lot of the peak, up to thirty or forty thousand people, but the information currently available to see, not a planned, organized, and come and go, mainly of discontent among the masses no place to vent, some people shouted many people responded.

Pan Zhiping Han Chinese do not agree with the demands of large-scale demonstration, he pointed out, Urumqi "7.5" bloody riots cause long-term hard to heal the national wounds, but the Han ethnic relations in the future will certainly be even worse, the Government has spent a lot of time and effort to make the national wound started to healing, but the recent large-scale demonstration will make this Han the wound bleeding again.

He urged the public to identify the true enemy of Han Chinese who do not answer violence with violence, so solve the problem.

3 Hong Kong reporter detained in Urumqi

Tens of thousands of Chinese took to the streets of Urumqi, Xinjiang, in the city starting at 9 pm from Thursday to implement traffic control, civilian vehicles on the streets with less, but the outbreak of clashes between police and the city a second straight day, the Hong Kong three armed police during an interview with a walk detained, a reporter even been wounding.

Friday afternoon, the liberation of North Road, near the city center, nearly 1,000 Chinese demonstrations, with the presence of riot police stand-off, police tear gas suddenly expelled, shot during the armed police rushed into the presence of journalists, the TVB and 2 NOW News a Hong Kong television photographers and a journalist with handcuffs locked to require three people kneeling at the roadside, then they are taken away for further inquiries.

One Wireless News reporter LIN Zi-hao said, the armed police punched and kicked, even been batons wounding shoulders, while the photographers were tied more than 10 minutes. TVB and Information Ministry issued a statement, for journalists stationed in Beijing and the Beijing photographer Liu LIN Zi-hao all the normal interview in Urumqi, Xinjiang, when mass demonstrations, the armed police brutally obstructed, assaulted, arrested and has been to Hong Kong and Macao, the National Journalist Association and the The Liaison Office lodged a strong protest, sought the immediate release of detained personnel, arrangements for treatment and medical clearance. An interview with the station's two officers were released in the evening.

NOW News a strong protest

The NOW News issued a statement strongly protesting the violence in Xinjiang, prevented the normal interview with reporters, and photographers Linzhen Wei beat the station, the station has been requested by the Liaison Office and Macao Affairs Office of Xinjiang, the immediate release of detained persons and to arrange for a medical inspection staff for his injuries heal. 该台 In the evening, the station photographer released.

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