Tuesday, September 15, 2009


And yet more trouble for Gordon Brown, who has reportedly angered his closest confidants by promoting a junior aide to one of the most powerful positions in 10 Downing Street. In a move designed to “strengthen” his team in the run-up to the next election, the PM has moved Kirsty McNeill (pictured above), his 29-year-old speechwriter, to be his adviser in charge of external affairs. Ms McNeill is a former left-wing activist who, it is said, once shouted at Tony Blair that he was “Thatcher in disguise”. What a testament to Gordon’s judgement then - and just what the country needs – yet another overpaid, mouthy, banal, naive, incompetent, unelected prat that’s never had a real job except playing juvenile, puerile politics at the taxpayers’ expense and who is now trying vainly to formulate coherent policy. Rather like Gordon himself.