Tuesday, September 1, 2009

California forest fire Kuangshao the United States for at least seven people and injuring two firefighters who died on duty

California forest fire Kuangshao the United States for at least seven people and injuring two firefighters who died on duty

At 17:42 on September 1, 2009

(California 1, AP) in the central and southern California, burning large areas of forest fires have been nearly one week more intense burning, killing at least two firemen died and seven were injured. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced Sunday Fumika Seneca fire has been "out of control" and "very dangerous", urged people to evacuate quickly.

California's fire department said the fire spread almost doubled overnight. California fire department spokesman said that as of Monday so far, fire has burned more than 34,000 hectares of forest land, while the fires of development much faster than people anticipated.

It is understood that fires pose a threat to 12000 building safety, some more than 1 families forced to evacuate In addition, the fire also threatens a number of important communication facilities, making include the American Broadcasting Corporation and many other media signals, use of mobile phones have also been some impact.

Fire signal towers surrounded by residents of communication break

U.S. National Weather Bureau spokesman said that as the wires affected by the fire, and their signal Ye Hao was suspended, but very historic Mount Wilson Observatory, also in a fire threat.

The major television stations in Los Angeles County to provide services to the signal transmitted signals have also been at the fire tower surrounded, once the signal tower was burned, will affect the entire Los Angeles County residents.

In Pasadena, the north, fire has spread to the United States Aeronautics and Space Administration's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Arnold said: "This fire is huge, but very dangerous, the fire was still completely out of control, and gradually approaching the residential areas and buildings, so people should pay close attention to the evacuation order."

Officials said two firefighters in the Los Angeles National Forest fire fighting when the fire engine overturned, the two unfortunate death. Another two people enough time to escape, in his apartment after the fire till the garden was seriously injured, hospital emergency. In last Saturday, Wilson also has a mountain near the wounded. So far, authorities also confirmed that four firefighters were injured. Officials said some residents underestimated the risk of this fire, ignoring the advice of officials not leave their homes.

In Lagani Dufferin Chu Qi, the fire started last Wednesday with only 5% under control, officials are concerned that high-temperature low-humidity weather could lead to further expansion of the fire. Cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Environmental pollution caused by fires in East Los Angeles, has made more and more bad air quality, environmental protection, local residents have called for health ideas should avoid unnecessary outdoor activities, it is best to stay in air-conditioned room.

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