Friday, September 11, 2009


Pervez Musharraf (pictured above), the former President of Pakistan who is living in London, is reportedly being protected by Scotland Yard at a cost to the British taxpayer of approximately £25,000 A DAY. The Metropolitan Police Specialist Protection Unit, known as SO1, has assigned a round-the-clock team of at least 10 men and women to protect Mr Musharraf, who lives in a 3-bedroom flat in West London. Musharraf has been using the flat as his base for about 4 months and is said to enjoy dining at the Dorchester Hotel and playing golf. Nice lifestyle if you can get it. Although he pays for a small team of retired Pakistani commandos to protect him, the decision to provide further security was taken at a meeting of the Royal and VIP Executive Committee held at the Home Office. What civil service idiots thought that up ? This bloke has probably got access to plenty financial resources and already organises his own security, so why are we being forced to pay for more ? Better still, tell him to piss off back to Pakistan and face the consequences of his own actions.