Friday, September 11, 2009

911纪念馆网站全球徵相关故事 911 Memorial Web site related to the story the world's syndrome

911纪念馆网站全球徵相关故事 911 Memorial Web site related to the story the world's syndrome

二零零九年九月十一日下午五时三十一分 At 5:31 p.m. on September 11, 2009

(华盛顿11日综合电)据美国媒体报道,美国911世贸遗址纪念馆于周五推出全新网站,里面汇集了民众以各种形式记录下的关于911的经历,同时向全球徵集更多有关911的故事。 (Washington 11, Reuters) According to U.S. media reports, the United States 911 World Trade Center site memorial on Friday launched a new Web site, which brings together people in various forms to record the experience on the 911 the same time, collect more information about the Global 911 story.

报道称,网站上有各种世贸大厦被袭瞬间的视频,摇摇晃晃的画面把人又带回那可怕的一幕。 Reported that the site on the World Trade Center attack a variety of instant video, pictures rickety man again back to that terrible scene. 还有很多来自摄影师、世贸大厦工作人员以及目击者,用相机和手机拍摄到的现场照片,极其详尽的再现了那悲剧一刻。 There are many from the photographer, the World Trade Center staff and witnesses, using cameras and cell phones take pictures of the scene photos, highly detailed reproduction of the tragedy that moment. 据悉,该纪念馆仍在建设中,预计于2011年911十周年之日正式揭幕。 It is reported that the Museum is still under construction and expected to 911 in 2011, the day of the tenth anniversary of the official opening.

“基地”仍具致命威胁 "Base" remain a lethal threat

虽然911恐怖袭击已过去8年,“基地”训练场地被毁、重要人物被捕或被杀,但化整为零的“基地”四散世界各地,在创立21年来已建立持久“品牌”,对美国仍具致命威胁。 Although the 911 terrorist attacks have been in the past eight years, the "base" training ground for the destruction of important people were arrested or killed, but the split-up the "base" scattered all over the world, in the creation of 21 years, it has a lasting "brand", remain a deadly threat to the United States.

最近,美国联邦调查局发现,“基地”已转营为小型化的恐怖团体,遍布亚洲、中东及非洲各国,尤其是在政局不稳定的国家,例如也门、索马里。 Recently, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation found that "base" for the small business had been transferred to terrorist groups all over Asia, the Middle East and Africa countries, especially in a politically unstable countries, such as Yemen, Somalia. 目前大部分恐袭都是来自这些小型恐怖组织,例如去年11月的孟买恐袭。 At present, most are from small-scale terrorist attack terrorist organizations, such as last November's terrorist attack in Mumbai. 如果“小基地”在政局不稳定的国家坐大,将严重威胁美国。 If the "small base" in a politically unstable countries and expanding, and would be a serious threat to the United States.

有人以为“基地”现在群龙无首,难以进行大型恐袭,过去4年都没有向西方国家发动袭击,因此认为“基地”力量大不如前。 Some people think that the "base" is now rudderless, it is difficult to conduct large-scale terrorist attack, over the past four years, not to attack Western countries, so that "base" power as before.

但从另一方面看,“小基地”分散各国,行动更迅速细密,亦更难阻止,就如“休眠火山”般。 From another angle, "small base" decentralized countries, more rapid action finer, but also more difficult to stop, just as "dormant volcano"-like. 而且世界闻名的“基地”,即使领导人不露面,仍可不断招揽新人,甚至是持有外国护照的年青人。 And the world-famous "base", even if the leaders do not show up will still continue to attract new people, even young people holding foreign passports. 专家指恐怖分子如鲨鱼般强顽不息,令美国的阿富汗战争欲罢不能,“与越战不同,如果我们离开中南半岛,越共不会追击我们。但那些恐怖分子,会对我们穷追不舍。” Experts refer to terrorists, such as shark-like strong stubborn and persistent, so that the U.S. war in Afghanistan let them go, "and the Vietnam War different, if we left Indochina, Viet Cong would not pursue us. But those terrorists, we will be pursued not homes. "

美政府固定发布警报 The U.S. government issued warnings fixed

美国联邦官员警告说,又到了911事件周年的纪念日,美国除了要纪念这个令人难过的日子之外,同时也要格外保持警戒,虽然这是每年固定会发布的警戒,但大家还是不可掉以轻心。 U.S. federal officials warned that the event went to the 911 anniversary of the United States in addition to commemorating this sad day, the same time, should exercise great vigilance, though this is a fixed annual amount will be issued the alert, but we still can not be taken lightly .

今年是911事件届满8周年,美国联邦调查局与美国国土安全部发布了联合警报,这份警报和过去几年911事件周年的警报差不多,虽然没有标明出特别的警戒,但仍然表示美国人在这一天都要特别小心安全。 This year is the eight anniversary of the expiry of the 911 incidents, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a joint warning, this warning and the past few years, almost 911 events anniversary alarm, although not marked out a special alert, but still said the Americans security should be especially careful on this day.

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