Friday, September 11, 2009

Prince Harry Hewitt thankfully not in Nazi uniform


Prince Harry Hewitt (pictured above undertaking Royal duties, thankfully not in Nazi uniform) will become entitled to part of the inheritance left to him by his mother Diana, Princess of Wales when he reaches the age of 25 next week. It is understood the third in line to the throne will, for the moment, not touch the money. Like his brother Prince William, Harry was left £6.5 million in Diana’s will following her (alleged) accidental death in a car crash in Paris in1997. A Royal spokesman said: “We don’t discuss Prince Harry’s private financial arrangements”. The Princess had an estate of £21 million, but more than £8 million was paid in inheritance tax, leaving £12,966,022. It was split equally between William and younger brother Harry. Which poses a fascinating question – how did a complete airhead like Diana accumulate £21 million ?