Friday, September 11, 2009

Britain’s continuing struggle against Islamic terrorism


Really encouraging news about Britain’s continuing struggle against Islamic terrorism. It was admitted yesterday that visa checks on immigrants from Pakistan have been exposed as a sham after it was revealed that just 29 out of 66,000 applicants were interviewed by officials since last October. The Home Office set up a new system last year to prevent terrorists, extremists, illegals and criminals from entering the UK, by scrutinising their paper work (above) in the Middle East before they travel to Britain. But new figures show that just one in a thousand of those granted visas were quizzed face to face since the supposedly rigorous new system began operating 11 months ago. Home Secretary Alan Johnson also admitted that not one single applicant faced a telephone interview either in the first 9 months of the scheme. Prime Minister Gordon Brown and MI5 boss Jonathan Evans have both stated publicly that Pakistani militants are the biggest terrorist threat to Britain and Pakistan is classified as a “high risk” country for visas by the Home Office. So reassuring to see that the authorities are on top of this, with Gordon as efficient as ever.