Tuesday, September 15, 2009


British intelligence chiefs have highlighted war-torn Somalia as the next major challenge to their efforts to repel Islamic terrorism, with scores of youths reportedly leaving the UK for “jihad training” (above) in the failed African state. MI5 chiefs have warned ministers that the number of young Britons travelling to Somalia to fight in a “holy war”, or get instruction in terror training camps, has soared in recent years as the country has emerged as an alternative base for radical Islamic groups including Al Qaeda. It is understood that the number of young Britons following the trail every year has more than quadrupled to at least 100 since 2004 – and analysts warn that the true figure (which would include those who enter the country overland) will be much higher. How brilliant and incisive of MI5, just discovering this – mind you, anyone walking around inner-city areas of places like Birmingham or Manchester could have told them this 10 years ago.