Friday, September 11, 2009


In the US Yale University has been accused of “intellectual cowardice” after it removed Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed from a forthcoming book about how they caused outrage (pictured above) across the Muslim world – even if most of the “outraged” probably hadn’t seen the cartoon and wouldn’t know where Denmark was on the map if you handed them an atlas. The university cited fears of violence if it published the controversial cartoons, like the uprisings that made headlines in 2005 after they were printed by a Danish newspaper. But alumni and professors accused the university of effectively saying: “We don’t negotiate with terrorists. We just accede to their expected demands.” Can it be that America is getting more like Britain ? Maybe we’ll hear a bit less criticism about releasing terrorists then. Although the point should be appreciated that appeasement of Islamic fundamentalist blackmail on both sides of the Atlantic is wrong.